At Tiffany’s

The coziest hair salon of Scheveningen!

About Us

At Tiffany’s is a very nice hair salon for young and old, located very close to the Scheveningen boulevard.

We work with appointments only and plan these appointments so we can give every client the time and attention they deserve. If wanted we will take the time to advise you on which haircut works best for you, keeping in consideration hair type, face shape, figure, personality and lifestyle. It is very important to us that every client leaves satisfied!

For the little ones we have a nice child area with a scooter for them to sit on and some toys so that they will feel comfortable.

Our hair salon is located on the first floor, take into account that there are stairs.


Chairs in hair saloon

Washing, cutting, drying: € 26,50
Washing, clippers: € 13,50
Children till 12 years: 16,50
Cutting bangs: € 7,50
Washing, cutting, model blowdry): € 31
Washing, cutting, water wave: € 39,00
Washing model blowdry: € 18,00
Washing, water wave: € 21,00
Washing, curls : € 38,50


Colour roots: € 30,00
Colour short hair: € 41,00
Colour long hair : € 60,00
Duo colour short hair: € 60,00
Duo colour long hair: € 79,00
Dip Dye: v.a. € 36,00


Coupe soleil foils: from € 50,00
10 foils: € 28,50
3 foils: € 11,50
Brush lines scalp: from € 26,50
Brush lines short hair: from € 30,00
Brush lines long hair: from € 46,50

Eyebrows and Eyelashes:

Eyebrow colouring and epilation: € 8,00
Eyelashes colouring: € 6,50
Eyebrow colouring and epilation + eyelashes colouring: € 12,00


L’Oreal may be the biggest, most known brand of hair products. This is because L’Oreal stands for quality and innovation.

L’Oreal has a solution for every hair problem or even a full line of products. Alongside you will find some pictures of the shampoos, conditioners, hair masks and hair products of L’Oreal. Besides that L’Oreal also has a whole separate line for men. Do you need advice? Feel free to contact us!

L'oreal bottles
L'oreal Pro-Kreatin Refil
Loreal products
L'oreal Solar Sublime
L'oreal bottles
L'oreal Pro-Kreatin Refil
Loreal products
L'oreal Solar Sublime




Via Stichting Haarwensen gevonden. Om helemaal kort te gaan moet je wel een goede kapper vinden, en Tiffany was The One! Ik ben heel tevreden met mijn nieuwe haar, en ook de sfeer was goed. Tiffany neemt echt de tijd om te begrijpen wat je met je haar wilt, werkt snel en professioneel, en vertelt…

- Lilit Zeltsburg


If you really want to inhale some good energy, then this is the place. It’s not only about the hair, but yes, your hair will be great and perfect, but it’s also about the feelings that you will leave with… and those feelings are amazing!

- Andjela Tomic


Very good, very fun… perfect!

- Wolter Taekema
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Do you have any questions, please contact us. We will try our best to answer your question as soon as possible!

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